Phillip Island Superbike World Championship (27 Februarie – 1 Martie 2009)

The Phillip Island circuit is one of the most spectacular tracks on the racing calendar. Situated on the picturesque Phillip Island, a couple of hours drive south of Melbourne, it offers a superb mix of fast and slow corners, which blend together to produce a very high average lap speed of almost 175 km/h. It measures 4.445 km and has a total of 12 corners, 7 left- and 5 right-handers. Turn 11 is one corner that makes all the difference, the long fast left-hander allowing riders to lay the bike in while still hard on the throttle and head for the line at over 300 km/h for a sprint finish.

LAP RECORDS: Race – Troy Corser (Yamaha) 1’31.826 (2007); Best lap – Troy Bayliss (Ducati) 1’31.493 (2008).

The Australian Round of the HANNspree FIM Superbike World Championship takes place from Friday 27 February to Sunday 1 March. The action starts with World Supersport and World Superbike free practice and qualifying the first two days, followed by Superpole on Saturday at 15.00. The two 22-lap Superbike races are scheduled to run on Sunday at 12.00 and 15.30, with the 21-lap Supersport race in between at 13.25 local time.

Lungime: 4445 m

Pole Position: stanga

Viraje stanga/dreapta: 7/5

Raza viraje: 23m – 207m

Panta maxima: 57m

Lungime linie dreapta: 835m

Pozitie GPS (Google Earth): Download

Lap Records (moto) (martie 2007): Download

Istoric circuit: Link

Imagini circuit

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