Losail Superbike World Championship (12 – 14 Martie 2009)

Losail International Circuit is the only circuit in the region with both FIA and FIM homologation licenses.
The state of art circuit inaugurated on October 2004 is fully equipped with the latest facilities and services.
Flood Lighting project in progress with the first ever life telecast MotoGP night race scheduled for March 9th 2008.

The Qatar Round of the HANNspree Superbike World Championship takes place from Thursday 12 thru Saturday 14 March. World Supersport and World Superbike free practice and qualifying takes place on both days, with WSBK Superpole scheduled for Friday at 15.00. The two 18-lap Superbike races are scheduled to run on Saturday at 12.00 and 15.30, with the 18-lap Supersport race at 13.25 local time.

Lungime: 5.380 metri
Latime: 12 metri
Cea mai lunga linie dreapta: 1.068 metri
Numar viraje: 16
Viraje stanga/dreapta: 6/10

Qatar Information
Small in size (one third of the size of Belgium), Qatar is enormous in value. It has achieved within decades what other countries take centuries to accomplish. Its citizens embrace the future with unswerving optimism and enviable potential. Hospitable, generous and kind, Qatari’s make visitors to their country feel very welcome. Qatar is an ideal family location and a very safe place to visit, live and work. Standards of living are high as the infrastructure continues to develop rapidly. Now more than ever, Qatar is ripe for discovery by tourists from all over the world.

Situated halfway up the western shore of the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is almost completely surrounded by sea. It borders Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the south and Bahrain in the northwest. Well-preserved natural and historical sites, coupled with top-calibre business, sports, dining, shopping and accommodation facilities, render Qatar the perfect gateway to the Arabian Gulf.

The commercial and administrative centre, Doha, hosts the international airport, seaport, hotels, and sports facilities. Doha is built around a beautiful bay, along which there is a 7 km long corniche lined with lush gardens. Palm Tree Island beckons from the centre of the bay.

Today, Doha’s cosmopolitan spirit strikes a perfect balance with its rich cultural and religious heritage.

Lap records: Race – Fonsi Nieto (Suzuki) 1’59.156 (2008); Best lap – Troy Corser (Yamaha) 1’58.053 (2008).

Pozitie GPS (Google Earth): Download

Imagini circuit:

~ de 19ray78 pe 11/03/2009.

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